Arbeit macht das Leben süß
"Honest work never hurt anyone"

Ich heiße Ludwig.
Bundesrepublik Deutschland


"i’m not bitter" i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression



Don’t feel like you can’t reblog things from me.

One? It’s not like I can stop you or anything.

Two? If I didn’t want something reblogged I wouldn’t be on a public forum where absolutely everything can be reblogged.

If I post something, a story, an RP, a picture, something stupid, that you like? And you want to reblog it?

Reblog it.

The one thing I hope you don’t reblog for your own use is my own, personal, headcanons.
Please do not use those as your own.

Absolutely everything else is fair game.



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-SMACKS HANDS AWAY- If you wanted my jacket just ask! Shouldn’t you be resistant to the cold anyways?!

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Send Σ(O_O;) for my characters reaction to having their clothes unbuttoned/unzipped by yours.


As they always do when they are forced, her smile seemed to fade. As he spoke, her eyes occasionally looked down— not her usual constant eye contact. He was quite persistent, and rather set on doing this. It seemed. He explained why, and somehow she felt like she already knew that. He was someone who needed something to do. At least he wasn’t looking at her with that cold, stiff gaze anymore. She hated being on the other side of such a look from him. Now he was more soft, but still he had on a frown, but then again she wasn’t smiling either. Even if just a moment ago he had made her feel rather foolish, she just wanted him to relax and smile.

There was a pause in which she just looked at him. She then very subtly smiled in a humoring-him sort of way; almost a peace-offering. “Fine.” She handed him her dish. “I will not make you sit idly by and torture yourself with possibilities, then. Anyway, help is obviously appreciated. And it means we can have dessert sooner, so that is good, because it is going to be…. quite delicious.”

She began to walk back to the kitchen. “But, yes, after that, your orders are to be back in your chair, and allowing me to treat you.” Her tone here was, again, official; turning her head a little, she gave a sarcastic ‘warning’ look.

Once in the kitchen, she opened the fridge, where two glass cups held a rich chocolate mousse, and another dish held a raspberry sauce for it. With a spoon, she began to drizzle the sauce prettily on top of the dessert.

At her compliance, though, and maybe the little bit of a mend he simply took it and the frown went away. He followed her dutifully. “I’d expect no less.” At her look though he gave a small, lopsided, smile. 

"Yes’m." He even gave a little nod before he found all the essentials needed and made quick work of the dishes. He looked over at her as she started preparing just what she had planned, drying the plates with a towel all the while. 

"And you made everything yourself?" He asked with mild surprise and admiration. He tried to get a better look but then just set the plates aside and stepped away, back to the dining room. 

Though instead of just going back to his seat he took his glass of wine and went to the window. Looking out over the street, checking on his motorcycle, and just overall trying to restart this evening. He might have overreacted a little but the sudden, cornered, feeling set him off. He didn’t know she was going to be so direct about it so soon. He sighed again and finished off his glass only to grimace.

Okay. That works better with wine. 

Whenever she emerged again he got back to his seat. “Thank you. So did you have anything planned for later on or do you want to ride right after?”


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So this is what the Hetalia guys look for in girls.

Artist: Hidekaz Himaruya.


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