Arbeit macht das Leben süß
"Honest work never hurt anyone"

Ich heiße Ludwig.
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
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i like to imagine that every year germany is thrown a children’s party because he didn’t have a proper childhood



She gave him a brief but sweet little smile as she got inside the car after he opened it for her. She didn’t settle in at first, taking a moment to really take in the interior of this car. It felt sort of thrilling, but it also felt like she was in a thing so foreign to her. It seemed much more intense than just riding on the back of his motorcycle. Still, it was a content feeling, because this car was seriously beautiful. And… the guy driving it wasn’t so bad, either. Where it was foreign to her, the machine was vastly familiar to him. Watching him as he started up this machine, there was something of a smile in his eyes despite the ever-present concentration in them. She settled in a bit more, but her eyes lingered on him for perhaps a moment too long. He was a little unshaven, one could only notice if they really looked, but it made her happy. She thought she’d felt something when she’d greeted him earlier.

Finally, she looked forward, and now she realized she hadn’t yet buckled up, which she took care of immediately, before slipping off her shoes and tucking her feet under her in the seat, making herself comfortable. It was not a way she’d sit out in public or in the car of someone less familiar, for her already short dress rode up, and she didn’t exactly care to check it. She looked out the window. When he spoke, though, she briefly looked over, then back out the window. “Mmm, alright. This car is seriously beautiful, Ludwig. This is… a pleasant change, as far as transportation goes. Maybe you should drive me more often.” She looked to him again and smiled at this, and she might have rambled on but looking out the window again before she realized just how fast they were going now. She’d felt it go a little faster, but didn’t expect it to keep increasing like this. At first she was amused, but as a red light grew closer she became a little, honestly, alarmed. She couldn’t help it, as a hand drew itself to her mouth in silent worry. She figured she knew what he was doing, and okay, this was a bit of a thrill. But it was still alarming to see no change in speed, when they would have to slow down soon. And then they did stop and when he looked over her, her expression was alarmed, only fleetingly, before she looked right back at him and laughed incredulously.

"Well, maybe not, actually!" She lifted her foot from its curled position in her seat, to quickly tap him with it on the arm to playfully reprimand him. "Just testing the changes, hmmmm? You are a crazy driver, Ludwig.” That last thing was said as if he’d been found out for something he’d been hiding, and she crossed her arms. “—Though I admit, that was pretty, ah… cool.” She shrugged and shook her head a little, looking straight on once more.

There was a somewhat long pause, before she looked back at him, evident curiosity in her voice when she spoke. “I wonder what you would look like if you grew out your stubble a little. The clean shaven thing fits you, but… I do wonder.” And then she reached up and oh-so-lightly brushed her hand along his jaw.

Yes, while far from an expert driver, she was an expert at distracting the driver.

He failed at trying not to look too satsified with himself when he saw her at least a bit frightened. Just a little. He checked on the status of the light again when he was poked by her…foot? He looked her over quickly and snapped back to looking straight. As if her dress wasn’t short enough before. He cleared his throat and laughed a little.

"Actually." He looked to her again, as if to punctuate the statement. "I’m not." No, that was on purpose. He hoped he got the message across as he didn’t dare look at her again. He absentmindedly rubbed his cheek before driving like a normal person once the light turned from red to yellow then finally to green. 

He listened to the news as best he could, hoping that she wasn’t going to pay too much mind to it so as to tell him to stop but instead he felt as though she enacted a bit of revenge. He moved his head away but even so he felt the trail of her fingers on his skin still. Focusing more on the road he tried to forget about it, the goosebumps it gave, and simply drive. 

"It’s not as though blondes get a very noticeable stubble in the first place so it’s not so different in the first place." He pointed out. "Look to Francis if you want a look like that."’s not like he could grow much of a beard anyways. He frowns to himself, deep in thought. 

But honestly, who knew the Nordics could be good at growing such hair on their heads. Even Norway. And man everyone was laughing too but to be fair Gilbert did look a bit like an old hermit… 

He shook himself out of the memory and glanced back Juliette’s way. He sighed softly, trying to relent a little. “It makes me look even older and unkempt.” What scruffs he could have after quite a while “It’s not a good look. Unprofessional, as well… in my opinion.” Another quick glance her way at another red light, gaze invariably making a quarter-second stop at her hemline again, he sat back.

"Besides, uh, the stubble? Wouldn’t it feel bad?" He questioned, not daring to look back at her for fear of a tease. He simply continued driving which seemed to be further and further away from the city center. 



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[ that moment when I wish my Prussia would come back for brother hijinks 

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