Arbeit macht das Leben süß
"Honest work never hurt anyone"

Ich heiße Ludwig.
Bundesrepublik Deutschland
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part two of the CRAPPY translations~! 

Part one here (x

a Kurgelschreiver is pen in german 


yes, yes I would 8)

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AU where 'friend' and 'boyfriend'/'girlfriend' are the same word. imagine how confusing that would be! you would tell somebody about your ‘friend’ but they literally wouldn’t know what your relationship is because……..

oh wait sorry this isn’t an AU. German, I was talking about German. Imagine German.


seborgasm asked you:
c-could you draw the main germanics? ;//w//; <3

Not sure if you’ll ever see this, since you changed accounts, but I did it anyway <3

This is actually something I did a few years ago and decided to re-do because the old one was super ugly and I kind of like the concept. So. Uh. The main germanics saying “hello” to you.

- I opted for a north/south division between Germany and Prussia instead of the usual East/West because “moin” man. Moin is awesome.
- I am heavily assuming Liechtenstein uses “Grüezi”. Since I have mistaken every Liechtensteinian I’ve talked to as a Bündner, I will just… roll… with it… yeah.
- Servus and Grüss Gott are pretty much interchangeable, region-wise, as far as I can tell. It was chosen fairly arbitrarily.
- I am super behind with these requests and super sorry about that aaaah. 


How could people hate puppies?!


i like to imagine that every year germany is thrown a children’s party because he didn’t have a proper childhood